Date(s) - 06/21/2018 - 06/24/2018

Holiday Inn Memphis Airport - Conf Ctr

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Fund raising efforts throughout the convention will benefit the Semper Fi Fund and MES Scholarship.

Attractions and Food

If you want to know what food and entertainment options are available in the area of the convention, a document has been prepared to provide what you need to make the best of your time.

Do you want to know where a good BBQ joint is, or where the Walmart is located to fill in any missing items from your travel ? Maybe you want a liquor store or to order Pizza, take a look and see.

Click here to see what is nearby!

  • Tier 1: $45 (early pre-reg closed) $55 (late pre-registration) –
    • Basic Badge
    • Metal MESCON 2018 Pin
  • Tier 2: $75 – Closed !
    • Metal VIP Badge
    • Metal MESCON 2018 Pin
    • 1d10 Dice
    • Shot Glass, and ONE Raffle Ticket *
    • Tier 2 signup ends May 10th
  • Vendor 1 Badge: $80
  • Vender +2 Badges: $100
  • Sponsorship: $22

Tier 2 registration is now closed.

*A raffle will be held for the chance to win one of three beautiful, custom flask and shot glass sets that come in their own engraved wooden case !


The Main hotel room block has sold out, if you are looking for a hotel room, an overflow hotel has been arranged but the reservation window closes on the 25th!


Holiday Inn Memphis Airport
2240 Democrat Rd
Memphis, TN 38132
Phone: 901-332-1130
Fax: 901-398-5206

Arrival Date, June 21st
Departure Date, June 25th
Room Rate: $89/Night + taxes and fees
Room Types: ADA accessible available for request

Overflow Hotel

The overflow hotel has been arranged as the main hotel has sold out during this event. Reservations must be made no later than May 25th and be secured with a credit card.

A wait list has been created here that you can add yourself to if you want to wait for a main hotel room if one opens. This does not guarantee you a room, and is first come first serve.


Courtyard Memphis Airport
1780 Nonconnah Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38132-2119

Arrival Date, June 21st
Departure Date, June 25th
Room Rate: $89/Night + taxes and fees
Room Types: Double Queen and Single King bed

Shuttle Times

The overflow hotel will run their shuttle for specific times due to the necessity of running to the hotel often. The shuttle times have been worked out to help you maximize your time at the main hotel.

Thurs, June 21st: 2pm (drop off at Holiday Inn Airport)
Fri, June 22nd: 2 AM (pickup Holiday Inn Airport), 10 AM (drop off to
Holiday Inn Airport)
Sat, June 23rd: 2 AM (pickup Holiday Inn Airport), 10 AM (drop off to Holiday Inn Airport)
Sun: noon drop off to Holiday Inn Airport

Book Online

Click here to book online

Book over the phone

Call either 1(800) 321-2211 or (901) 396-3600.

When booking, you must identify yourself as a member of the “Minds Eye Society group staying at the Courtyard Memphis Airport”

You are booking at “Courtyard Memphis Airport, located at 1780 Nonconnah Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38132-2119”

All reservations require a major credit card, reservations without a credit card will not be held.

All bookings must be made no later than May 25th.



3:00 PM – Opening Ceremonies
4:00 PM – Board and National Officer Meet and Greet Begins
5:00 PM – Board and National Officer Meet and Greet Ends
6:00 PM – Vendor room opens
7:00 PM – Masquerade Begins
8:00 PM – Vendor room closes
11:00 PM – Masquerade Ends
11:00 PM – Sabbat Begins
2:00 AM – Sabbat Ends


10:00 AM – Coordinator Meeting Begins
10:00 AM – Vendor room opens
12:00 PM – Coordinator Meeting Ends
12:00 PM – Apocalypse Begins
5:00 PM – Apocalypse Ends
6:00 PM – Vendor room closes
7:00 PM – Space Start
12:00 AM – Space End
12:00 AM – Charity Auction Begins


3:00 AM – Charity Auction Ends
9:00 AM – Vendor room opens
10:00 AM – National Meeting Begins
12:00 PM – National Meeting Ends
1:00 PM – CoD-X Begins
5:00 PM – CoD-X Ends
6:00 PM – Vendor room closes
7:00 PM – Masquerade Start
12:00 AM – Masquerade End
12:30 AM – MESCON After Dark – Social Time


10:00 AM – Vendor room open
11:00 AM – Closing Ceremonies
1:00 PM – Vendor room closes

Venues and VSS

Venue Game day VSS Teasers
Universal VSS   Read Universal VSS None
Cam/Anarch/Independent Thursday, Saturday Read Masquerade C/A/I VSS Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Teaser 3
Sabbat Thursday Read Sabbat VSS Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Space Friday Read Space VSS Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Apocalypse Friday Read Apocalypse VSS Teaser 1
CoD-X Saturday Read CoD-X VSS Teaser 1

Event Staff

Position Lead Name Second
Event Lead Beth Moore Troll Sandoval
Storyteller Lead Travis Abston John Thomas
Volunteer Lead Heather Bradstreet Darin Higgins
Security Lead Pherell Archer Adam Smith
Registration Lead Michael Brian Walton Sam Gerace
Prestige Lead Holli Hensley Billy Martinez
Vendor Lead Sarah Gullett Joseph Kralicek
Media Lead Greg Gullett Now Hiring !
Charity Lead Jeannie Starcher Daniel Tronosco
Concierge Lead Catherine Correa Michael Hewitt
Photography Lead Andrew Fowler Shy Dotson
Floor Coordinator Joshua Graham Sandra Deem
C/A/I – Venue Chris Angel David Fuller
Sabbat – Venue Jason Herman Justin Winchester
Space – Venue Laura Bousted Rachel Geist
Apocalypse – Venue Brian Murphy Jaimie Spencer
CoD-X – Venue Andrew Logan Nycci Daniels