NERE 2019

Date(s) - 05/01/2019 - 05/05/2019

Sheraton Hartford Hotel at the Bradley Airport


Attractions and Food
Staff List

Registration Information

Registration Info:

Tier 1 Registration

  • Pre-Registration (Until 4/5): $50, includes pre-printed badge and NERE logo button
  • Late Registration (After 4/5): $55, includes badge and NERE logo button (while supplies last!)

Tier 2 Registration (Until 4/5): $75, includes pre-printed badge, Custom RPS cards, Vinyl Decal, Button, Hot/Cold Travel Mug, and more!

Vendor Registration (Until 4/5)  1 Badge=$60 / 2 Badges=$80

Event Sponsorship: $25

Register Here

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Attractions and Food

Attractions, food and Concierge items will be posted here, once available.

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Event Schedule


4pm – 5pm      Opening Ceremonies

7pm – 12am    Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance

1am – 3am      Sabbat Social


9am – 11am     Apocalypse Social

1pm – 5pm       Sabbat

7pm – 12am    Space – the Infinite Edge

12am                Charity Auction


8am – 11am     Changeling: the Dreaming Beta

11am – 12pm   Regional Meeting Ends

1pm – 5pm       Apocalypse

7pm – 12am     Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance


11am – 12pm   Closing Ceremonies

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Venue Information


“The theme of NERE 2018 is The Price We Pay.  Venues will examine the cost of choices, of actions, of success, of failure.  In keeping with the 2019 convention season’s theme of Repercussions, NERE games will explore tensions as we close the second year in a three plus year chronicle, how PC actions shape the narrative world, and asking what we will do when the Piper comes calling.”


Set in Dunnellen Hall in Greenwich, CT, the location has been renovated to a new, better location.  The owner of the home is an elder Ventrue who has offered her location as neutral territory for all to gather on so long as they are all respectful – and stay out of rooms that are locked of course.  The hostess, Lady Julianna di Marseille is known to be reclusive, having previously been a harpy and a Prince. Upon stepping down she purchased an old house, finding it fascinating with the legends surrounding it.  Now, amidst all of the troubles of the different factions and Accords, she has opened up her house for the first time. Rumors abound that there are other reasons for her invitation – that perhaps she has found things, dark things that she can not handle on her own.  With the rumors surrounding her home, and the urban legends surrounding the area, could it be that there is more at play than just what might be expected? On the second night, Lady di Marseille intends to pull away the cobwebs of the past and shine up the location and engage those of Clan Ventrue and their friends to do as Ventrue love to do – show off their glitter!  In a night defined by Hubris, Glitter and Glitz, she will welcome society for a “Una notte di arroganza e ricchezza” where people will be encouraged to display their best and show off as they will.


The land we call home sits not on one big fault line but on a vast network of ancient faults that crisscross the entirety of New England. There has been a major earthquake in New England roughly every 60 years since the colonists at Plymouth first noted the ground shake beneath them in 1638. What lies beneath the ground refuses to stay buried. Something reaches out to those who might free it – both the powerful and the weak are stirred by its call, drawn to it with promises of secret knowledge and new power. Is this power a threat to be destroyed? Is this power a blessing for the Sword? Only the Cainites present will be involved in that decision. Rumors of the Cardinal being present have already begun.

There are very few places left on the face of Gaia which are lost, hidden or untouched. Her purity is stained and scarred in all directions. When the time comes to prepare for the final fight against her enemies it’s these final pure places which are often thought of as the last bastions of hope and defense against the coming tide of darkness.Sometimes though… just sometimes, a place which was once known is lost… perhaps due to lost tales, or due to the craftiness of her children. It’s lost or hidden just long enough to be cleansed by her gentlest and harshest touches; to be found again in the darkest times. One last gift perhaps to her children against one of their greatest enemies which threatens her with extinction and the dousing of her light.The Age of the Apocalypse… It’s never been about the When or the Where… it’s always about the Who.Who steps up, who puts it all on the line and who, in the end, can say they learned from the sins of their past… To try to find a future.

Space  –

Idun System is as far out in the Expanse as one can get before one falls off the edge of civilization into the Verge. As one of the oldest settlements in Sector 5 they are celebrating an impressive colony milestone.  Visitors travel in from all over the galaxy to find a vibrant, uniquely crafted urban sprawl surrounded by an agricultural paradise, but not allied or controlled by megacorp or noble house, and openly welcoming of the Supernatural communities despite outside politics. Rich and poor, noble and common, legal and less-so are intertwined in a rich and mysterious cyberpunk ecosystem where an individual can find a place of belonging, or built an empire in comfortable anonymity.

The cosmic winds may already be shifting, and not in the locals favor. One by one the supernatural leaders of the local community disappear, and in their absence powerful Elites try to snap up the territory and influence thus far denied them in this system. The Core continues to press every advantage to force its agenda further into the Expanse.

At the same time the troubling Red Thorns stretch all over what locals simply call “The City.” But the Changeling community claims the plant has grown here since the first colonists landed, and the Thurisaz have never arrived. The Lost in this system are remarkably powerful – it isn’t unusual to find Goblin Fruit growing on the mundane side of the streets, although the exotic black apples are a new addition to the local flora. Meanwhile, visiting humans and supernaturals of all sorts can’t shake off the dreadful feeling that something is fundamentally wrong with this town.

Clearly there must be some rich, rare resources in this system for it to be so tightly (and successfully) guarded by the locals. Locals and visitors alike will learn darker and more disturbing secrets than they bargained for as they try to discover what makes this system so valuable. And the city may have a will of its own to contend with.

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Staff Information

Event Lead: Peter C
Event Second: Erin Smith
Storyteller Lead: Tegan M
Storyteller Second: Mark Lewis
Charity Lead: Andre Begin
Charity Second: Warren Schnur-Holmes
Concierge Lead: Emily Bond
Concierge Second: TBD
Floor Coordinator: Jamie Tazelaar
Floor Coordinator Second: William J. Gallagher
Media Lead: Niguel Vega
Media Second: Ana Colon
Photography Lead: TBD
Photography Second: TBD
Prestige Lead: Krist Parker
Prestige Second: TBD
Programming Lead: Jason Schneiderman
Programming Second: TBD
Registration Lead: Michael Brian Walton
Registration Second: TBD
Security Lead: Raina Bonner
Security Second: TBD
Vendor Lead: Laura Duvall
Vendor Second: Erin Warren Murdock
Volunteer Lead: TBD
Volunteer Second: TBD
Venue Leads
Apocalypse Lead: Vance Walsh
Apocalypse Second: Dan Chase
Cam/Anarch/IA Lead: Nycci Daniels
Cam/Anarch/IA Second: TBD
CoD-X Lead: TBD
CoD-X Second: TBD
Sabbat Lead: Janet Brennan
Sabbat Second: Jason Herman
Space Lead: Cyrsilla Fisher
Space Second: Peter Gerardi

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Hotel Information

Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley Airport

Reservation Line: 860-627-5311
Group Code: refer to North East Region Event.
Booking Link:

Room Rate: $109.00 + tax for either 2 double beds or 1 king.

Cancellation policy : If you cancel between 10/04/2018 and 6:00 PM hotel time on 04/29/2019, there will be no forfeiture amount.

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Both the Storytellers and the Event side need your help to make this an amazing event. If you’re interested in NPCing, Narrating, or supporting the event itself, this sign up form is just what you need. No matter your skill set or how much time you can volunteer, there will be something you can help with!  Sign up below to volunteer for NERE!

NERE 2019 Volunteer Sign Up Form

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