SERE 2017

Date(s) - 03/02/2017 - 03/05/2017

Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport



Pre-Registration will be open until *February 23rd*.
T-shirts will be sold until *February 5th* (SO ACT FAST!)

Regular: $40
VIP: $60



Event Lead: Petra Silcox –
Second: James Johnson

ST Lead: Kimberley Cooper –
Second: Michelle Webb

C/A Lead: Jesus Romero (
Second: Dennis Czeluscinski

Apocalypse Lead: Dan Fruchterman (
Second: Charlie Rose

Accord Lead: Chris Rombach (
Second: Amanda Bellenger

Requiem Lead: Rowan Artemis (
Second: Justin Cline

Lost Lead: Andrew Logan (
Second: Nathan Atkins

Registration Lead:JD Meyers(
Second: Thomas Harden

Charity Lead:Adie Rombach(
Second: Thomas Harden

Media Lead: James Johnson (
Second: Lee Berger

Concierge Lead:Hannah Darling(
Second: None

Security Lead:Lacey C(
Second: Robert Clark

Vendor Lead:Sarah Gullett(
Second: Laura Duvall

Volunteer Lead:Michael Barker( )
Second: None

Prestige Lead:Eric Mattson(
Second: None

Floor Ops Lead:Eric Pridgen(
Second: Aldea Boaz



Charity Information

*Learning on the Log*

“Since 2001, Learning on the Log has provided an inclusive therapeutic social skills program designed for both typical developing and special needs children, including Austism, Asperger, ADHD, sensory integration disorder, developmental delay, and various anxiety disorders.”

SERE charity is planning on sending some awesome kids to summer camp!
Because we all loved summer camp and everyone deserves to go!!!
 We would love to be able to sponsor an entire week of camp for kids who wouldn’t normally get to go. 
There are 13 slots per week and it’s $450 a week per kids. 
If we can raise just $5,850 we can give these kids a week of camp!!
If we raise more…we can sponsor more!! 


ROOM BLOCK Information! 

$97.00 per night (1 King – Max 3 per room) (2 Double -Max 4 per room)

Booking Website:

Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport
1325 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344



Thursday, March 2, 2017

  • Registration Open All Day
  • 5 – 6 PM Opening Ceremonies
  • 7 – 11 PM Apoc
  • 11 – 2 AM C/A

Friday, March 3 2017 (various panels throughout the day)

  • Registration Open 10am to 10pm
  • 10 am -3pm – Accord
  • 3pm – 7pm Lost
  • 8pm- 2am- Requiem

Saturday, March 4, 2017 (various panels throughout the day)

  • Registration Open 10am to 5pm
  • 10 am -2pm Lost
  • 2pm -6pm Apoc
  • 9pm- 1am – Cam/Anarch

Sunday, March 5, 2017

  • Closing Ceremonies


SERE Universal VSS
SERE Universal Style sheet:
*Werewolf: The Apocalypse*


​ ​

“Hearken to me, Gaian Warrior. We have need of your strength, cunning and wisdom. We have found a periphery suitable for a seed Caern within Atlanta. Unfortunately, it happens to lie within a den of iniquity that is the front line in our war.

We cannot win without unity.

We cannot win without you.

Help us reclaim part of Gaia. Fight to clear away a bastion for freedom. Protect our elders in a righteous cause. Will you help us, warrior?”

The siege begins with SERE 2017.

Join us for two game sessions of Werewolf: the Apocalypse showcasing the opening of the new venue and new rules!

SERE 2017 takes place on the first weekend in March at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We have these two sessions to kick off the Chronicle and weave our beginning stories together.”

*Changeling: The Lost*
Written and performed by: Marissa Poppel
Hi. My name is Olivia. I’m part of a Freehold in Fort Myers, FL. Things have been happening here. Bad things. Things that don’t make sense. (Whispers off to the side) I know, I’m telling them about it. There was this man named Father Ripley. He was strange but he said he was here to help us. Only he didn’t. He tried to sacrifice one of us while in the hedge. It didn’t work. And then when he failed, something…someone…took him. There was also this really famous guy that sold cars in the area. He was human. He wondered into the hedge. Now he’s back, but different. My friend Kegan keeps telling me that things will be okay. But she looks really scared when she says it. (Whispers off to the side) I’m getting to that part. It’s gonna be my birthday in March. The Freehold wants to throw me a party. Kegan even rented out this place called Koreshan State Park. There’s a bunch of old buildings and weird plants there. Kegan said some kind of cult used to live there. (Whispers off to the side) Yes I know what the goblins said. Yeah, she might be there. With all the stuff that’s been happening I’m not sure what else might be going down. There’s been rumors about something…someone, wanting to talk to us. With all I’ve seen lately, having more people around wouldn’t be a bad idea. Please come to Fort Myers. Please be here for what I hope isn’t my last birthday.
*C/A Masquerade*

A kindred of considerable power and influence is holding his famed Succubus Club, right in the heart of Miami.

He says all are welcome, and it’s rumored that everybody who’s anybody will be there.

According to him, everything is for sale… for the right price.

Will you come to an experience that may not be come back around for centuries?

Do you have things of your own to try and sell for secrets and power?

*Vampire: The Requiem*


​ ​

Super speed. Super strength. Super toughness.

The occasional exsanguinated corpse.

Something is treading the line of a Masquerade breach in the Holy City. It’s clearly Kindred, but who could it be? Journey to Charleston, SC and find out.

After all – doesn’t everyone want a new friend?


In the wake of the rebuilding of the Tower of Distant Hope, archmages across the world have found themselves stripped of their greatest powers.  In this time of weakness, opportunity arises.

For the first time in memory, Langley is exposed.  Without his magics, he is more vulnerable than he has been since the Massacre.  Can the Accord take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate one of the Truth’s most powerful Servants?


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