Grand Masquerade 2016


Grand Masquerade is back!

After a five year hiatus, Grand Masquerade returns to New Orleans! Join the Mind’s Eye Society in the Big Easy for this incredible event, September 1st–September 5, at the Astor Crown Plaza Hotel.

The Mind’s Eye Society is a major sponsor for Grand Masquerade 2016, and whether you’re a veteran of our games, or looking to join the story, the MES is hosting numerous games you won’t want to miss.

Even if you’re brand new to LARPing, or the MES, we’ll have all the tools you need to hit the ground running, including a introduction game for Vampire the Masquerade before our main event. It will be a great opportunity for novices to create characters to take a stab at the World of Darkness, and for experienced players to find new “partners in crime” for our chronicle.

Let the good times roll this labor day weekend, as the MES and the White Wolf community enjoys New Orleans, and burns the midnight oil together, culminating in the legendary Succubus Club. Will you join us and leave your mark on the World of Darkness?

Check back in with us for more information as we get closer to Grand Masquerade!

Grand Masquerade 2016